Friday, February 11, 2011

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Gong Xi Fa Cai is translated into "Congrats ! Get rich" in Chinese.This is how Chinese greet each other during this time of the year.

I know Chinese new year is over and I should have posted this long back but better late than never.

We got 5 days leave this Chinese new year out of which we spent 4 days in KL.But we could see the celebration way before the actual day.

Chinese New Year is the main festival here and this year its supposed to be year of rabbits.What that means I am not sure but its something like zodiac signs. Babies born in this year will be calm and soft natured according to Chinese.

The decorations had started in Singapore one month before. The whole city looked like a bright coloured candy.The spirit is something like what we have during Diwali.People exchange gifts ,meet their families and eat together.

The most prominent thing one could see during this time of the year is oranges and bright colored decorations.i am sure oranges signifies something to chines new year and they are called Mandarin oranges.We have this huge doubt why is it called mandarin oranges ?? mandarin is supposed to a language.

There are lots of money plants being sold and everywhere there are flower decorations. The government even has plans of calling Chinese New Year as Spring Festival.

Money reminds me of one thing-the Chinese obsession with gambling.What cricket is to Indians,Gambling is to Chinese.When we had visited Resort World Sentosa which boasts of a huge gambling center ,the entry fee for Singaporeans was 100 $ whereas for us it was free.Now I know why because it doesn't take long for obsession to become addiction.So the Government is trying to prevent its citizens from indulging too much into gambling.

Naveen was given two lottery tickets as a gesture for Chinese New Year by his company.He was told its part of tradition to give gifts like this.Anyway we were eager to check out the results and no prizes for guessing that we were not that lucky.

Now after a long holiday life is back on track.Ah..I detest getting up early in morning.

Gong Xi Fa Cai to all my friends here .

Monday, February 7, 2011

One Adult +One Child only please !!!

This article is going to be about buses in singapore.For starters they all have AC something similar to volvo buses in bangalore but here they are smaller and bit congested.

And there are no bus conductors ,instead we use cards which needs to be recharged every now and then there are small electronic machines kept at the entrance and exit of the bus to tap this card.I think that's how it is in most developed countries.I hope they implement this in India, it will be much more convenient.

When i first came here i observed one particular seating which is right behind the driver. The seating is too small for 2 adults but too big for a single adult.I used to wonder why they have this seat.

It seems i am not the only one.I read an article the other day which said that the seat is confusing people and the govt should put up sign boards explaining the purpose of the seat.

And what i see today,there is actually a sign board which says the seat is for one adult +one child only

I think they should have also put up the min weight of the child who can sit there because children come in all shapes and size and ofcourse the govt forgot to keep that point in mind !

Jokes apart I am just amused at how small things like this can sometimes give you reason to smile about .