Interesting/Funny Pictures

An iGeneration

Wonder how certain things go viral sometimes. First came the series of iPad,iPod,iMac,iPhone iPANT.I guess the creator of this ad are trying to ride on the success of Apple.

Poster on the back of taxi

Even though the message being conveyed is serious it is a very catchy poster and makes you giggle.

Rat on the Top

I took this pic today when I was waiting for my bus on the way to office.It was bit embarrassing to take snapshot  in a crowded bus stand still managed to click some pictures.
I cant figure out the purpose of placing it on the top of the bus. There were no ads anywhere so I had no clue what was it doing on top of a bus.

Nevertheless it was interesting something which will catch the eye of  kids.

Kuch hatke !!

Strangely Singapore city does not have billboards. I guess they are banned . So if you want to promote your brand, buses and trains are the best option.
I come across many such ads daily. So here is one of them .

A sighting

For everyone who is wondering what is there to sight in the above picture ,look closely .Do you spot two creatures in the snap.
Bingo !! I am talking about dogs. Surprisingly you will hardly spot any dogs in Singapore(you need license to own dogs I guess). Finding street dog roaming around freely like this is out of question. Since there is lot of construction work going near my area I guess they somehow sneaked in, not one but three of them.

A traffic sign  

Some of the traffic signs in Singapore are so unique and there sheer quantity made me write a separate blog entry. However the below sign belongs to this page because its interesting one for sure
Found this sign next to zebra crossing. Well there are many zebra crossing then why only this one has a special privilege for elderly.My best guess would be there are lots of elderly in this locality.