Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Singapore Street Food (pau and carrot cake)

We are in Singapore and if I don't blog about food it's a shame so here it is . I have decided to start a series on our own take of Singapore culinary adventure . As in when we come across something new we will put it here but I am aware that being a vegetarian will reduce my options my half !!

Street food in Singapore is not your typical street food . Firstly you won't find them on streets instead you will find them in food courts or popularly known as hawker centers which can be found throughout the island , secondly they are clean .

The hawker centers are the heart of Singapore , it's a melting point of different cultures . A typical hawker center will have stalls selling different cuisines popular one being Chinese , Japanese , Korean and Indian .I have decided to start of this series with two snacks that I came across while browsing the hawker centers for my evening snack .

This is vegetable pau . It's basically a dough ball stuffed with cooked vegetable and steamed . It's available in different fillings but I prefer sticking to my vegetarian roots .
I kind of like it , it's fluffy and the outside dough has a slightly rubber texture with no specific taste.

You wouldn't believe what this is called ,its carrot cake .I don't know how it got it's name as there is no carrot in carrot cake . It's main ingredient is radish . There are two varieties available in hawker center - the white one and black .
Below is the black one and take my words for this it's tastes like leather!!

It's very very oily upto to the point where it starts dripping oil . Is it me being a vegetarian or is it just me - I hate this !!! I took one bite and straight it went into dustbin.

But I strongly believe that I have tasted the worst one as carrot cake is loved by people here and not just singaporeans but also by other nationality so I am sure I tasted bad one .

And I saw the hawker centers selling the white carrot cake . It's not like rectangular pieces instead it looks more like fried pakodas . So my verdict on carrot cake is still pending. Very soon I am going to taste the more popular white carrot cake .


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Chaithra and Naveen said...

@Anonymous , I am still trying to figure out all these social networking widgets. Thanks for pointing it out .

kranthi said...

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Chaithra and Naveen said...

Thanks Jay . Checked your blog I am already hungry seeing all the amazing dishes.

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