Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Deepavali stalls , shopping and much more in Little India

I never blogged about Little India although that should have been the first post given the popularity of this place among Indians . I actually wanted to write in detail about this place but I never got the time to do so .
We end up going to Little India atleast once a month either for things which you won't find anywhere else or for the familiar food . Before going to India we went for a quick shopping for folks back home and hence this is going to be a quick and small post before we leave .

The streets of little India at this point is decorated with lights for deepavali . The decorations were in place one month before .
How can we not pay a visit to deepavali stalls specially set up for this occasion . But before going inside quench your thirst with some Thailand coconut .Here's naveen trying to eat every last bit of that delicious coconut.
The Diwali stalls are nothing compared to back home but hey you can't complain , people here atleast know what the festival is about. The stalls, with all thing Indian is colorful and yes crowded !!!!

It contains rows and rows of stalls of clothes and they are really beautiful but no trial :(
There are 3-4 mehendi shops . Some even advertised that the mehendi needs to stay only for 5 min to show up the color , usually it should be kept for atleast one hour .
These stalls have everything - clothes , shoes , mehendi , carpet ..... Except crackers .
Why so many carpets ??
There are no crackers . You know it's illegal to buy or sell them !!!!
The lanes of little India next to mustafa are pretty narrow . It's gets very crowded specially during weekends .
If you are a tourist and want to take back some Singapore souvenirs then this is the place to be . There are cheaper options also like the shop below where you have deals like 3 for 10 .
Whenever we go back to home we always take loads of chocolates and mustafa is the one stop shop for buying not just chocolates but anything .
The night view of the street .

Our fridge stuffed with chocolates !!! They are not for me although given a chance I would have had them all .


bookjunkie said...

Gorgeous photos...makes me want to head back to Little India. Sob....I haven't experienced the night light up yet.

Could you tell me what the purple cones in that photo were for? Very curious.

Chaithra and Naveen said...

Hey thanks :) the purple cones are mehendi cones also known as henna which is applied to hands . Here it's mostly popular among Indians and Malays .

Happy.Bark.Days said...

It's really too bad about the firecrackers... I'm sure the older generations will remember how it was like in the past when firecrackers were available and lighted up to make the celebrations even more festive. Nevertheless, there's still so much to see and do during this time. I hope to have a chance to soak up the Deepavali atmosphere in Little India before it comes to and end. The bright lights are so pretty and dazzling!

Vinay Leo R. said...

Sad that no firecrackers, else it does really have a full Diwali feel to it! :) Happy Diwali, Chaithra!

Chaithra and Naveen said...

thanks leo. same to you although its too late to wish now.

Anonymous said...

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