About Us

Bintan resort

If you are new here then here is a background about us . I am Chaithra and my better half is Naveen . We are from Bangalore - the silicon valley of India which explains our jobs in Singapore , we are working in IT field .

Naveen has been living in Singapore from past three years and I joined him recently after marriage .

They say marriage changes a person 's life . It proved to be true and mine changed for good.My marriage for instance taught me cooking and is the sole reason for the birth of this blog .

During my initial days in Singapore when I had lots of free time in hand Naveen gave an idea that why don't I blog ?? And that's how I started blogging and today writing for me has become a way of Life .

This blog is about us,our adventures,our journey together ,in general about everything we come across in our life.We hope to capture our stay in Singapore in terms of words and pictures.

All the readers are welcome to keep in touch with us by following our blog.