Friday, October 14, 2011

Following Singapore norms - the eating out culture

We have been eating out a lot lately , it's not just during weekends but also weekdays . Now some people might wonder what's so great about that - isn't it common for a young couple like us to dine out frequently ?

There's is difference , back home eating out happens once in a month or so and it's a family occasion . We usually cook food at home and people are not used to having their dinner outside daily ,haven't anyone observed your Indian colleagues bringing lunch from home ?

one more food court near our block

When I initially came from India I used to religiously prepare breakfast , pack lunch for hubby and myself and cook dinner at home . But I have become lazy now, no more packing lunch boxes we both have it in office food courts .

In Singapore you will find so many Hawker centers and you start to wonder how can these hawker centers make profit in such a tiny island . From what I observed people here don't cook at home a lot . If both couples are working then your breakfast , lunch , dinner everything is outside .

I find this whole eating out culture a bit strange. You see in India there is a general belief that outside food is not good for health and mostly because of hygiene reasons we don't include outside meals into our regular dinner routine .
But here it's different , the food court food seems to be cheaper and clean so its more easier to eat out rather then cooking at home. Moreover the work life is Singapore can get so stressful sometimes than cooking will be the last thing on your mind. But for me sometimes cooking and blogging are great stress-busters.

This norm wouldn't have been so obvious if there weren't this ' prefer less cooking tenant ' ad everywhere . You heard it right when we were searching for house we came across many ads which mentioned openly that they don't want the tenant to be cooking food regularly at home . Was the owner scared that his kitchen would be spoiled by all that daily cooking ??

This Koufu (most of hawker centers are owned by company called Koufu) outlet near our house is our regular destination.
And this is what we end up eating most of the time- the Indian food platter,for $4 per plate it doesn't get any better !!


bookjunkie said...

that food platter looks pretty yummy, especially the rice.

I used to prepare sandwiches to take to work. Yeah but sometimes they get so soggy by the time I get to eat them and in the end it's cheaper to just buy sometimes. Also at the office we are sometimes deemed 'anti-social' if we didn't accompany the boss out to lunch (that really sucked).

Jayanthy Kumaran said...

sounds interesting...lovely cliks..
Tasty Appetite

Anonymous said...

first time here, nice blog!!
visit mine when time permits, i live in bukit batok .. how long u r in spore??

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