Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Marina Bay

This place is the top tourist destination for anyone who visits Singapore because of the high rise buildings it boasts off . There is stadium in this place where youth Olympics was held . If there is any major event in Singapore it will take place here . The one that I witnessed was Earth Hour . Then there are famous symbolic structures of Singapore namely Merlin , Flyer and Marina bay Sands Resort .

I wanted to try out some night photography so we decided that marina bay would be the place . When we reached there the first thing I observed was that the place was calm and less crowded . It's like a big pool in the middle of the city . Many people come here to sit near the river and relax .

We went to marina bay to see sky park on top of marina bay sands resort , it's a boat shaped structure built on three uniquely shaped pillars which has various restaurant , malls , theatre etc .But we spent too much time outside that it was pretty late to go there . I think I will dedicate a complete article on sky park as it's supposed to give a birds eye view of Singapore .

Below are some pic of marina bay

A special mention to this building .......... This is a residential tower right in the middle of marina bay . Imagine how much it will cost!!!!!!!!

Outside the resort there is a newly built Arts and Science Museum . It's shape is weird and unique . It looks like a hand coming out from ground. The outside design of the building has been inspired by the lotus flower.That should have been pretty obvious given that the whole structure seems to stand on a pool surrounded by lotus flower.

It features 10 fingers (not literally) wherein each finger opens out in a different gallery space.The museum exhibits different show very frequently. When
we went there there was a feature about Genghis Khan displaying all his journey via silk route.

The entry fees was $30 !!! . We decided to skip it. I rather splurge that money on shopping instead .Moreover museums are not my thing. I find them boring.

The Helix Bridge is a pedestrian bridge linking Marina Centre with Marina South in the Marina Bay area.It's not very long but what is amazing about it is the structure .Its the world's first double helix bridge.

The lights are well lit in the night around the bridge to highlight the double helix shape.The lightings keeps on changing also.

After seeing helix bridge we decided to go back home and look at what we stumbled upon -laser light show !!! This was unexpected .

It was right in front of resorts and lasted about 15 min or so. I don't know if this happens daily but we were lucky enough to catch one.
The steps were all occupied so we ran to the front right next to the railings. So much for taking photos I was actually being sprinkled with the lovely water lasers :) .

The show dint have any theme ,even if it did we dint get it then . I guess two people were singing sound of music song.

And this is where we initially planned to go -The Sky park. See the boat on the top, that is sky park

The two dome shaped structure is actually Esplanade Theatre . It is inspired by famous durian fruit. I have already talked about durian here link

High rise building all at one place.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sign capital of the world

You may ignore most of them but there is no escaping these ever so prominent signs in Singapore . This place should be called sign capital of the world, I have already given this privilege to Singapore !!

When I first thought about this article I decided to ignore the traffic signs but what the heck these signs are so unique that I am going to mention all of them here .

Lately I have been busy clicking pictures whereever I go just for this article .

Let's start now .....

This is near my house. It says protected area !!!!

So many signs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am tired writing this article.I will stop for now.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Blogger Tip 2 -How to add related post widget below every post

I was wanting to add this feature for quite some long time now.There are many ways .I will try to jot down all them I have come across

Method 1

Go to and follow the steps given there.

You can even configure the numbers of related posts you want to show up.

I have used this method in my blog.The best part is it will show random post and does not depend on label.

When you add this there is no separation between the post and related post widget . To add a separation

Step 1
Find the below line in Edit HTML in 'Design' Section -

Step 2
Add below lines after you find the above

Method 2

Go to the link and follow the steps.

This is how the related post below your post will look like.
But then it will not be displayed in the home page and will group similar labels together

Method 3

Go to link

But this one also groups all the posts with same label as the current post.

This is how it will look.
Again same disadvantage as the second method

Friday, June 3, 2011

Blogger Tip 1 -How to enlarge an image in blogger

If you have worked on blogger you will realize that working on blogger is like plucking your hair one by one with hands . Agreed that it's free and has many advantages but its bugs list is endless .

Formatting images is like climbing a hill , the save does not work sometimes , 'post comment' option suddenly refuses to interact , font does not change sometimes , formatting really sucks ..... The list goes on .

Let me tackle the issue one by one . I will posts these blogger tips as in when I discover them .

So without wasting time let me show you how to enlarge images without their resolution being degraded

Step 1:
Go to Edit HTML link of your post .

Step 2:
See the below line . Change s400 to s640.

width: 400px; height: 267px;" src="" alt="" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5613961571829498722" border="0"

Step 3:
Remove width: 400px; height: 267px; highlighted in red in the above link. Its that simple !!!

Image with s400

Image with s640

Image with s700

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Yummy delight 1 - Samosa chaat

I am big street food addict but since coming to Singapore I never got a chance to enjoy mouth watering pani puri , golgappa ....etc . The fact is that these are not available here . Few Indian restaurants serve pani puri but the taste is nothing compared to back home .

So today I saw samosa chat in komalas restaurant which is below my office . It was quite pricey ,$3.6 to be precise . Did I tell you Indian food cost more than other local food here !!!!

Anyways with that my cravings for something spicy and mouth watering ends for now .

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Its my birthday today

Today I turn beeeeeeeeeeep . Well you are not supposed to ask me I am not supposed to tell you . What's there in numbers anyway !!!

It came on a weekday this time so no late night movie or late night outing . Sigh ....

But hey that dint stop Naveen from planning a surprise ( not exactly bc I helped him light the candles on my own birthday cake ) for me .
We cut the cake at exactly 12 and yes there was a gift too by my lovely husband . Guess what ??? a cute puppy .

I wonder why a puppy ? Wouldn't teddy bear have been more appropriate, but then I wouldn't have been that surprised. This puppy with its messy hair and naughty looks will surely bring a smile on my face whenever I see it .

Me and popsy(I gave the name just now with a inspiration from somewhere ) blow the candles together.

The cake was awesome.But I could only eat one piece at night 12. But count on Naveen to gobble down all the food. No he dint finish the cake ..but Naveen you better watch your ever growing tummy !!! I call him mini panda nowadays (I watched kung fu panda recently and loved the panda in that).

To sum up my birthday gifts ...the last one..

No its not what you think !!! its not diamonds.

Thank you Naveen for planning such sweet surprises for me .Thats the best part I love about birthdays ..SURPRISES .