Sunday, March 27, 2011

Earth Hour Singapore 2011

It was a much hyped event here in Singapore so not wanting to be left behind we visited Marina Bay yesterday .

For all those people who are wondering what exactly is earth hour here's brief history . The earth hour first took place in Sydney in 2007 organized by WWF ( world wide fund for nature ).

Since then it's become a annual event being held during march end with more and more countries participating every year . The earth hour lasts for one hour with all major buildings pledging to switch off lights and reduce power consumption for that period .

Now the 100 $ question does it help ?? In my opinion not much . How will it matter if we switch of the lights for one hour and then indulge back in over consumption .

But on the brighter side it helps in raising awareness that we as individuals should do something to take earth hour beyond mere one hour time .We went to Marina Bay yesterday at 8 pm and were eagerly waiting for the earth hour which was supposed to start at 8:30 pm .

There were many events going on at marina bay that time . There was an open concert and the famous light show coming from marina bay sands resort . From below pictures it's clear that there was a over consumption of lights just before earth hour .


And this happens daily . Well I guess Singapore needs to have these kind of attractions , it's one of the major tourist destination .

Exactly at 8:30 the street lights went off . The place where we were sitting was dark except the lights coming from the neighboring food joints . The lights were still on there . As far as the major buildings are concerned the Maybank started a countdown at 8:30 and switched off it's lights than . The neon lit logo however came off only after 10 minutes .Other buildings soon followed but nothing was dramatic . Marina bay sands had still lights on , and from the end where we were sitting we could see the Chanel logo still shining brightly , at least they could have switched off that bill board . We waited for 20 minutes in a hope that all the lights will be turned off , but nothing happened . I guess not everyone wanted to take part . Nevertheless it was nice to see some effort being made by
certain people .

Before After

We waited for around 15 minutes from the start of earth hour to see complete darkness but that dint happen so we left the place around 8:50 .

Now the most important thing how can a individual contribute to this noble mission in long run ? We do the following on our part
  • Switch of lights when not needed
  • Shut down pc everyday in office
  • Take public transportation ( this one because it's cheap and best mode of transportation here ) .
I hope each one is you is doing there bit to save earth .

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