Saturday, March 19, 2011

Thai Delight

If you are a foodie then Singapore is the best place to be.Singapore is a multi -cultured society so you can see people from all parts of the world.You can find cuisines like French,Italian,Japanese,Chinese,Indian,Thai,Vietnam, Indonesian ,Malay ,Arabian and Indian in almost every corner of Singapore.

Naveen and myself are vegetarians so half the fun ends there.We have not even tried the ever prominent Chinese food here because of the limitation they have.There is hardly anything vegetarian available in Chinese cuisine and we never bothered out to venture out of our comfort Indian food zone.

But today was different.My colleagues decided that all of us should meet up outside office.We zeroed in on a dinner in a Indian restaurant .When we went there we came to know that the restaurant has moved out from there. We dint wanted to go back empty stomach so all of decided to try out Thai food.

The restaurant is called Mai Thai and its in Holland village.The street has many different restaurant offering variety of cuisines all lined up on one side. We decided to sit outside .The dimly lit candles provided a great ambiance .

For starters we had tom yum soup,fish cake (of course I dint' have this),spring rolls,mango salad and deep fried tofu.But the winner clearly was tom yum soup.I was not aware that Thai cuisine is very spicy.Th soup was nothing like I ever tasted before.It is spicy and lemon ish and it contains all kinds of vegetables-small tomato ,lemon grass ,mushroom,and some green leaf (this were the only ingredients I recognized !!).We were already impressed with the starters.
Pineapple rice

The main course was pineapple rice, Parsi noodles both veg and non veg version,Veg gravy consisting of fresh tofu and chicken gravy.The pineapple rice is awesome.The rice is served inside a half cut pineapple.I am not sure what spices they put but its very different from the pulav that we are so used to having.

For deserts we had sliced mango served on sweet sticky rice and tapioca dipped in coconut milk.It had right combination of sweetness and healthiness. I have already become a fan of Thai cuisine and will be going there again over this weekend with Naveen .

The whole food experience has taught me one thing there are so many things out there that we hesitate trying.From now on I am going to be bit adventurous and try out different cuisines .The next on the list would sweets near arab street. I heard they have lots of variety there.

But my new found enthusiasm doesn't mean I will step into the un known zone of non vegetarian food.I still don't understand how can people eat the stuff they eat with specific reference to octopus and all other sea food.

For all people like me I would like to say come out of your comfort zone and you will be amazed at nice tasty surprises you will stumble upon.


Pk said...

Wow... kya baat hai! Someone's having good time

Chaithra said...

Finally I am writing something about food :)

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