Monday, August 29, 2011

The 2 dollar shop - Daiso

Yes you heard it right everything in this shop is 2 dollars . And the best part is it's huge and there are many different things that you will never go empty handed once you enter this shop .

I will miss such shops back home . We do have a one dollar store in Bangalore which I visited once but there is nothing worth buying there plus the shop is the size of a room . Very small !!
We should have our own version of such shops like - 50rs storewide.

Anyway back to daiso , it's a Japanese store and has many branches here in Singapore

There you go - rules again....

All the ladies out there ...this one is for you :)

Some fancy stickers for mobiles I guess.

Yep all of them for 2 dollars only.

If you are new here and setting up a home you should definitely pay a visit . They have everything right from kitchen ware to decorative items to flowers and few things like below whose purpose is hard to explain

When we came here in beginning we ended up buying quite a few kitchen stuff . And trust me given Singapore standards you won't get some stuff outside even if you give twice or thrice the amount outside .

Whenever I come across this shop I make it a point to visit bc it's just fun exploring it !!

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