Monday, August 15, 2011

Cats cats everywhere !!!!

Surprisingly there are no stray dogs in Singapore but when it comes to cat they are everywhere . They can be sometimes found in group or alone and you get intimidated by them because they are so comfortable in their space and around humans .

I don't know how they end up on streets , maybe since cats are most loved pets here some owners might just decide to give up on them .

People don't seem to mind the presence of so many stary cats not that I am complaining its just something new to me .You won't find so many cats moving freely in your block back home , dogs YES but cats NO !!!!

Taking picture of cat is bit tricky. It looks as if they are staring at you and are ready to pounce you anytime .Still I managed to take some .

Its pretty obvious from below how far I was standing while taking this snap.

This one for sure is staring at me and it looks like Garfield. Its actually quite fluffy!!!!

They are usually fed by some people so every cat will have it's own area . I know this bc every morning I come across them at the same place . They are like my morning visitors .

On the way to my bus stand I am greeted by atelast two of them .
And I know that there are around 8 cats around my block , they cannot go unnoticed .

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