Monday, August 1, 2011

The Rush Hour

Fancy tittle !!!

No matter how developed a country is , the problem of transportation at peak hour is there everywhere .

Thank goodness I don't travel in MRT anymore or else at certain junctions the crowd is overflowing during peak hours both in morning and evening .

Not that it's any easier on roads . The buses are crowded around 6pm . There is traffic everywhere .

Well I am not complaining bc first of all the buses come on time and they are very frequent too .

But people here sure are complaining . Recently there were talks of increase in ticket prices so everyone started blaming govt . There is one peculiar thing about way people complain here . Well many believe it's because of foreign immigrants --more people more traffic !!!

Well I believe any developed country will have people coming from all over the world esp in Singapore wherein the locals were once immigrants .

So is the govt doing anything ??

Looks like it is . There are new MRT lanes being created and then there are pricing on buying new cars which are 10 times the original price .

Even if you buy one there are license awarded which restricts owners to drive cars all the time . For eg some if them can be driven only during weekends !!

It's good and bad both , depends on how it is perceived .

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