Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bali trip - Day 3(03/06/2011)

Today we dint have much planned and got up late . Vacations are supposed to be relaxing right ?

We decided to do some shopping so we headed out straight to markets which was very near our hotel .On the way to market we went to legion beach . The waves seems big and I suppose it's a very famous spot for surfing .

As you walk down the street you will find many shops on both side of lane . Some of them sell very good accessories .

This is for the girls ....there was one shop which had nothing but belts ,earrings and bangles .It looked like a ancient cave filled with jewellery bc most of the items at the end of the shop were dusty but nevertheless a huge collection . I added below to my belt collection .

Then there were rows of shops selling bintang (beer ) t-shirts .Naveen decided to buy one and flaunt it too !!!

We had our lunch at this award winning Thai restaurant . Sounds strange ... when we went to Phuket we dint bother to taste Thai food and now in some other country we end up eating Thai ,all thanks to my discovery of amazing Thai food .

We boarded the plane at 5 and bid good bye to Amazing Bali in a hope to go back again to this place.

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