Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Its my birthday today

Today I turn beeeeeeeeeeep . Well you are not supposed to ask me I am not supposed to tell you . What's there in numbers anyway !!!

It came on a weekday this time so no late night movie or late night outing . Sigh ....

But hey that dint stop Naveen from planning a surprise ( not exactly bc I helped him light the candles on my own birthday cake ) for me .
We cut the cake at exactly 12 and yes there was a gift too by my lovely husband . Guess what ??? a cute puppy .

I wonder why a puppy ? Wouldn't teddy bear have been more appropriate, but then I wouldn't have been that surprised. This puppy with its messy hair and naughty looks will surely bring a smile on my face whenever I see it .

Me and popsy(I gave the name just now with a inspiration from somewhere ) blow the candles together.

The cake was awesome.But I could only eat one piece at night 12. But count on Naveen to gobble down all the food. No he dint finish the cake ..but Naveen you better watch your ever growing tummy !!! I call him mini panda nowadays (I watched kung fu panda recently and loved the panda in that).

To sum up my birthday gifts ...the last one..

No its not what you think !!! its not diamonds.

Thank you Naveen for planning such sweet surprises for me .Thats the best part I love about birthdays ..SURPRISES .

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