Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cleanliness in Singapore

Now don't ask me whats there to write about it, everyone knows that Singapore is one of the cleanest cities in the world.The more eye popping topic would have been dirtiest places in Singapore. Well I will get to that topic also someday.

After coming here I realized how clean this place actually looks.It looks like a city created using building blocks game. 80 % of population here lives in HDB and almost every other apartment here looks the same.

Some random pic

Singapore dint get the title of cleanest city overnight. We can see how much effort the government is investing in maintaining the cleanliness over here. With so many people from different cultures under one roof it becomes difficult to maintain the city given that not everyone has a habit of keeping their surroundings clean.That's when the rules come into picture.

There are plenty of rules to be followed here and there is a heavy fine if these rules are broken. There are no littering boards on street,no eating or drinking boards in stations and buses, wherever you go in Singapore you will find dust bins, even the lifts are not spared . You just have to take two steps to find the nearest dust bin.

But these are just regular
rules which I think every country has in place. The more amusing ones are the images shown below

They clean the apartment corridor every now and then

Chinese burn papers which look like currency so that it is sent to their ancestors in heaven .Hence the below notice.
And look at the window cleaning instructions. this is something unusual.people have to be reminded to clean their windows ?????

This is where the papers need to be burnt rather than open spaces

In the first month of my stay here two people had come to our place to inspect if there are any mosquitos.They told us to keep things dry and not to clog water anywhere.It was part of some anti-malaria campaign.

Then there are things being done for the beautification of the city.The whole buildings are renovated and demolished whenever necessary. Ours got renovated recently.It looks brand new now. When my husband had told that you wont find any dust in Singapore I refused to believe him.Now I see why he said so ???

There are hardly any open dusty grounds here.I mean there are huge grounds but they are covered in green grasses and these grasses
are ploughed evenly every 15 days I guess.There might be some industrial places which might be dusty but rest everywhere its either roads ,pavements or huge green spaces.

The best part is roads, wide smooth roads ,if it rains there are no
craters or it doesn't get dirty. We can walk freely in rain without getting scared of being splashed by dirty water from a moving car.

My office building being cleaned

I sometime wonder why the government of India cannot do all these. Sure we do have money but the corruption
is too much.The roads in India are built just for a season. Its high time we as Indians pick up all these positive things that other countries has to offer .

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