Sunday, May 1, 2011

Funny lift sighting in Singapore

Although this is a long weekend ( Monday is a holiday here ) it is turning out to be a tiring one . This whole week we have been busy house hunting and look at the coincidence I actually wrote an article on how to find a house in Singapore but had not posted it .

Now I will post it after we find a house and ofcourse the article needs to be re written with some of the not so good experience we are having .

Anyway today we saw around three house and I better not tell how they are .
Coming back to the title some of the old apartments will not have lifts to all the floor . I dint see one personally until today . In the pictures there are only 1 ,5 and 9 floor button.

Ha... Ha.... This is the first time I am seeing it and why will anyone even dare to do it ??????? I cannot answer this one .

Another sign in the lift


Anonymous said...

I have seen lifts that only stop at some floors. I hadn't seem some of those other signs you included though.

Chaithra and Naveen said...

I can write a article on just signs in Singapore . They are all over this place .

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