Saturday, June 24, 2006

Photographing water droplets

It was raining heavily today so I decided to spend some time with my camera.I was reading some articles on how to take pictures of water droplets or water splashing.Most of the articles mentioned about having an external flash and tripod but I dint have any of these things so I decided to take photo of the shower.

Not bad for a beginner but I am not impressed yet.

Moreover plain water is bit boring so I decided to add some color. I blocked some water in the sink and added kumkum to it.The water turned bright red. Now all that was left on my part was to start the tap slow enough for water droplets to fall down at consistent speed.

Its not easy to take the picture exactly at the point when the water drops in the sink.Timing plays a huge role and be ready to get your patience tested. I placed a chair near the sink in the bathroom,switched of bathroom lights so that the room is dimly lit and must have taken over 100 shots out of which 4 to 5 came out decently.

I spent close to an hour setting up everything and taking the shot
s.I have tweaked their colors a bit by using editor.

Now the question- what setting should you use to take these pictures.

This is where shutter speed comes into picture.Put your camera in "S" mode.I have a nikon model so its S. I think in cannon its "Tv" mode.

Different nature of pictures can be taken with slow and fast shutter speed.
Slow shutter speed is mainly used for night photography and taking pictures of object in motion .Fast shutter speed is used to freeze the motion of a object.

Since the water droplets fall very quickly the shutter speed should be high (something like 1/60 ,1/125) so that when you click the picture it freezes the whole thing and water drops in slow motion.The aperture will be adjusted by the camera.When I took the pic the aperture varied from f3.5 to f5.6.
Also take the pic in a dimly lit surroundings with flash on.

I think you can achieve something like this with a point and shoot cameras by keeping them in "sports mode" .Never tried it though.


cosmic_wanderer said...

Woww.. Great Idea to add Kum Kum to the water.
And the pictures have come out beautifully.

I have a point and shoot, but it doesnt have the sports mode as such.

So to capture such moments when the timing is very critical, I use the burst mode. (On canon)
Where as long as you keep the shutter button pressed, a picture is taken at short intervals.

Would love to try something similar, when I finally get a DSLR


Chaithra and Naveen said...

This pictures were taken when I first got my DSLR. I tell you the excitement level will be very high with your new DSLR and you will end up doing lots of such crazy experiments.

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