Saturday, June 24, 2006

Chinatown on Chinese New Year

We knew we would be missing Chinese New Year in Singapore so not wanting to be left behind we decided to go to Chinatown.If its Diwali people go to Little India and for Chinese New Year people throng Chinatown,its that simple !

As the name suggest its supposed to be mini China and I am very sure every country has its own version of Little India and Chinatown.So we decided to explore the place this Chinese New Year.

We went there in the evening and as expected it was crowded.The place was filled with street shops all selling different verities of local delicacies.
Well we are vegetarians so there was no question of trying out anything.But even for a non vegetarian you have to be bit adventurous to taste the authentic Chinese non -veg which ranges from shark fin to pig brain.For now I am happy being a vegetarian.

Moving on we wanted to visit the Chinese temple which is supposed to be the main attraction here.Unfortunately we dint do our homework properly so were moving round and round in the same street to find the temple. We asked people,checked in GPS still were unable to find the temple.

It started getting late so we decided to give up our search and started exploring the stores that were set up.

The traffic was blocked that day as there was going to be some shows.Slowly the crowd shifted on both side of the road to witness the cultural events but alas even rain god decided to be part of this festivity.So finally we decided to head back to home.

Even though we couldn't see much ,going to Chinatown during this time was special because of the festive spirit all around.

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