Saturday, April 9, 2011

My dental nightmare

It started one month before when I went to doctor to get my cavity filled . I estimated that it would cost me 50 dollars and one hour to get everything fixed. I was in for a rude shock !!!!

The doctor told me that the tooth is cracked and the only way to save it would be to get root canal done . Well I am not new to this procedure .I have got it done in India for one of my other stupid tooth . Anyway back there it cost me about 4000 rs including the crown that they place on the tooth . It was way back then but still I assume the price now would be not more than 10,000 rs even with a best doctor at your service
So I was taken aback when I was told the price here . If you have seriously fallen sick here than you should worry more about your hospital bills , that will prevent you from falling sick next time . Ok that was a bad joke !! .

But on a serious note medical cost is very high in Singapore . Even for a common cold you will end up paying $50 .
Most doctors here won't just give prescription , they will give you required medicines too ,hence the increased charge .

Anyway coming back to my dental charges I was told it will cost 800 dollars for treatment and 600 dollars for crown. That's 1400 dollars inturn 50,000 Indian rupees. This was good enough reason for us to hunt around Singapore and even neighboring Malaysia for best price .

The prices throughout Singapore are more or less same . As far as Malaysia is concerned it would take us around two hour to reach the neighboring
town of johar baru . The total rates there was around 900 dollars in a good clinic. So we could have saved around 500 dollars but the weekly trip to that place would be too taxing so finally after a month of pondering and delaying ( I was scarred to get the treatment started ) we decided to have my treatment done here in Singapore .

Had my first sitting last week just can't wait to get over this painful torture .

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