Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mid Autumn festival

It's a popular harvest festival celebrated by Chinese and Vietnamese .People get together , exchange gifts and celebrate the festival with family .

The most prominent thing that stands out during this festival is lantern and mooncakes .I don't know the importance of lantern , they are everywhere - hanging by the streets , mass processions are held by people holding lanterns and it can also be seen hanging outside houses .
The most famous food around this time is the mooncake , this deserves a new article which I will write soon .o prminent thing that stands our during th festival is lantern and bcvbm I don't know the importance of lant but they a
We went to Chinatown to catch some action. The main place where everything happens is the pagoda street and temple street. You will find them as soon as you get down at Chinatown MRT.
Just walk out of MRT and you will be greeted by lanterns everywhere .d
holding laterns and it an so be seen hanging outside hes .ehee . anging by the streets , mass processions ar

There are many legends associated with this festival ,the famous one being about a man named Hou Yi who shot down 9 suns but that showcase of bravery got into his head and he stole the elixir of life from a goddess.

His wife 'Chang Er' dint wanted her evil husband to succeed hence she drank a potion of the medicine and flew to moon. She is still believed to be living on the moon.H'who shot down 8 suns which led to drought in the area.
I guess that's the lady below which we are talking abouthen createlf.His wife '

For a change the lanterns are not red in color.

Angry birds lantern are hot this season. There are so many angry bird merchandise everywhere . They made there way as lantern also. I wonder if the game was as popular !!

The traditional lantern are made of paper and a candle can be lit inside them . The modern ones are synthetic ones and they have bulb inside them and ya they are more consumer savvy .
Beautiful lanterns hanging on the sides of streets.

Chinatown by night

Lighting around food street.

Guess what ?? Amidst everything chinese there was this - a girl putting mehendi and for bollywood buffs a photo of aishwarya rai in a chinese trinklet shop !!!

In Singapore ,the decorations and celebrations are not just limited to one place.There are decorations of lantern around Clarke quay,Eat coast park,Chinese Garden etc.

I am curious why does everything has to be red in chinatown ???

Lantern making competitions are held everywhere and shows like below are conducted in community centers .

This is a chinese orchestra taking place near our house. We din't stay to watch it. We dint know what was happening moreover it looked bit boring.

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