Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How to design a blog ?

When I first started my blog I spent almost a week designing and redesigning this blog. And its daunting specially when you have so many templates ,colors and fonts to choose from.

Its never ending ,everyday I used to zero in on a different layout and finally I decided to just launch my blog.Its been alomost 8 month and since then I have drastically changed my blog twice. Now I feel its time for the third change.
Sometimes what you think is the best design may not be so good for others so its a never ending journey to reach the ultimate design with which you will finally stick for the rest of your life(dramatic me!!).

So if you are starting your own personal blog then here are few tips

  • Keep the design simple in the beginning. As in when you progress you will get more ideas to improve the look and feel of your blog.There is no point in constantly shuffling between different color and fonts everyday.Just decide one and launch the blog. Later you can think upon improving it further.
  • Check on the grammer and spelling of your content. Intially and even now sometimes I am in such a hurry to get my content up and running that I just do a quick glance once I am done finishing the article. And later I feel so stupid about my own grammatical mistakes.
  • Decide on the template in the initial stages because later when your blog gets bigger it becomes bit difficult to change them . When I was starting out there were so many templates available on net and I was so tempted to use them but Naveen was against it. His belief was that these freely available template might induce some harmful script which will slow down your blog loading in the long run.So either opt for templates provided by blogger (which are quite limited) or create your own or make sure the external templates you use is the trusted ones.
  • Avoid eye popping colors. My previous blog color was purple and black ,I quite liked it.But it might not always be pleasant on the eyes so unless you are starting a bog for kids keep the color sober.Not that my present blog color is sober but atleast you wont go color blind looking at it.
I referred to some sites initially .Some of them are

http://makincuteblogs.com -- very helpful blog for new innovative designs.

Search the google for words like ' blog designs for blogger ' and have a look at different blog designs which will give you an idea of what kind of blog you want or do not want.


Curious Cat said...

I like the design of your blog. It has nice colors and most importantly the main body of text is very readable with a white background.

Chaithra and Naveen said...

Thanks !! No matter how good or bad you feel about your design its always better to get someone else's perspective.

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