Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What exactly is a mooncake ??

Mooncake sounds like an exotic name given to a sweet made of dough , lotus seed paste and egg yolk . It's made only during mid-autumn festival and the shops are filled with all shapes , color and sizes of mooncakes.

The way we exchange different dry fruits assorted in funky package during Diwali , people here exchange mooncakes during mid-autumn festival . They are either circular or rectangular in shape and are embossed with intricate designs on top .The shops here are stocked with them and equal importance is given to packaging. The better the packaging ,the expensive the mooncakes.
We went to mooncake fair in vivocity and below are the some of the different packaging on display.

Lanterns are an integral part of the festival so even here we found some of them.The one that looks like circular white egg is the most unique mooncake I have come across,rest all of them look the same.
Did you observe ? Mooncakes always seem to come in group of 4 per pack.


View from top of mooncake fair

These look more pleasant
I was surprised that such a sweet exists in Chinese culture . Let me tell you that the chinese idea of desert is cold ice sprinkled with diff fruits and jellys .

And the funny thing is most people won't eat mooncakes . This came from one of my colleague who told me that they just buy to gift others and they themselves won't eat them .( I forgot to ask her what they do with the mooncakes that are given as gift to them !!!) The reason being mooncakes are dense , sweet and most importantly contains around 1200 kcal per piece .

So how exactly are they made ?

Lotus seed paste is the main ingredient which is made in balls with a filling of egg yolk inside . The modern filling differs from chocolates to fruits to nuts .
The lotus balls are then covered with thin crust of dough given a shape using moulds .They are then pre-heated in oven . This is the final product -

No I dint buy them this was given in my office . I was bit hesitant to try it but still I tasted . Let me tell you I am not a big fan . They are thick and dense and sticks to your mouth and blocks your face!!!! The sweetness is ok as indian sweets are more sweeter.It's something like besan laddu .

The mooncakes are expensive ,one mooncake can be upto $10.The cheapest one that I have see is the below one , its $1 and looks cute.Is it a mouse or pig ?

Mooncakes are usually cut into wedges and eaten with tea under the full moon.

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