Sunday, January 23, 2011

And the winner is ......................

This weekend was special. We finally bought our first DSLR camera - Nikon D 3100 after weeks of research and thinking and pondering .

It was not an easy decision,researching on such things can lead to lots of confusion but we decided to go with Nikon.

We went to this place called Parisilk in Holland village which apparently gives the best price in Singapore. We probably got the best price at the cost of free gifts .I am a fan of free gifts although we all know that free gifts cost will be somewhere hidden in the product cost itself.

Anyway now we are now proud owner of a DSLR camera.After exploring the camera a bit now I understand what people mean when they say "Buy what you are comfortable with".If anyone has been using any Nikon lower end cameras before then they will be happy to see some familiar features bc DSLR can get very confusing for first time users like me!!

But then again there is always a auto mode.Its been fun weekend exploring the never ending features of this camera.All said I still wish they build something which can take great pictures just by clicking a button.I know all the professional photographers will disagree.

I hope we learn some of the features before we head of to KL.

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