Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I donated blood today !!

I have never donated blood in my entire life. I was too scarred i guess.

This poster was posted on my office wall one week before. I never gave gave much attention to it because I knew I will never donate blood.

But today when my colleague came after donating blood for the first time I was encouraged to do so myself. It was already 4:00 pm and blood donation was supposed to close at 4. i rushed to the place.I was the last person and 100th donor.They were about to pack up. They discussed for few min and later allowed to me donate blood.

I completed all the formalities and was then ushered to get my iron level tested.

This is the equipment that was used to check iron content.After these procedures were over i was all ready to donate my blood for the first time in my life !!!

I am pretty impressed with everything. I was made to hold a soft rubber ball and press it so that my veins were visible. After 5 min they poked a needle through my veins and that was it, I was donating blood .

It all ended in 10 min.And yes i got some complimentary gifts too along with a certificate of appreciation :)


Unknown said...

You have a done good job for a cause.keep doing such things

Abhinandan Patil said...

Hey you look like Meena Kumari in this pic :-( , quiet a difference from your Madhubala pic with the jasmine flower :-(

Chaithra and Naveen said...

Hey madhubala is still there :)

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