Monday, January 17, 2011

My footwear collection :)

Disclaimer: guys please don't bother to read it and then crib that you wasted your time !!!

For all those who know me this topic is inevitable. All my friends know that I am crazy about shoes and bags but this small topic is only about my footwear collection.

This time when I came to India I went on a shopping spree and bought 7 pairs of them at a time.I am very proud to show them off today.only girls can understand the joy of buying a new footwear,I cant even put it in words.

I wish to take the collection to about 100 in next two years much to my husband's horror !!!!.

The last rack is my naveen's the count is not bad for a guy :)


Naveen Hegde said...

yes I agree my shoes are in just one row, but have a look at those shoes. Quality matters. Those three shoes cost more than all your collection :)

Abhinandan Patil said...

hey i cant see the photo :-(

Unknown said...

haha.. naveen sounds like that guy from 3 idiots.. :P

where's the picture?

Chaithra and Naveen said...

I will post the picture soon... was bit lazy to arrange evertything and take pictures

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