Monday, January 17, 2011

Photography Bug

I don't know how it happened but everything happened so fast. We are smitten by photography bug.

I cant figure out the source of my sudden interest in photography.Maybe its happened because of our decision to do lots of travelling before starting a family hence resulting into taking great pictures of the places we travelled,or maybe almost everyone here in Singapore has a nice camera accompanying them and they trying to show their photography skills,or maybe because the other day my colleague showed me some great pictures which burst my myth that great photographs can be taken by normal human beings and you need not go to a studio to get a family picture(bit old fashion!!).I really cant say what triggered my interest in photography but now that I am bitten naveen also decided to go with a flow.

We decided to invest in a nice camera ,now here comes the confusion-which one to buy ? we have been doing some research for quite some time.

Its specially difficult to decide for someone like me who till now was confused about the zoom button in a normal digital camera.There are many options available around but when you are confused on which one is best, these options confuse you even more.

We decide to narrow it down. Cannon vs Nikon -the battle begins !!!

First we decided cannon 1000D then it was Nikon D3100 later Nikon D5000 and now cannon 500 D. See a amateur in this field will know my pain that how difficult its to decide when you have no idea what you want.

Most of them say its a personnel choice-"Buy the one which you are comfortable" But being a beginner its difficult to decide what we are comfortable in. We have one week to decide and we are leaving no stones unturned in figuring out what is best for us.

We are going to hunt down that perfect camera which we are comfortable with !!!

Till then I hope my interest in photography is here to stay.

I have posted some photos that was taken in St. John's island.

Though beginner I am proud of my ability to take such pictures(close ups,focus lock stuff !! aha I have already learned few technical terms :) )

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Anonymous said...

Very nice, keep up the photo fun (with your new camera I am sure you will. Here are some of my photos

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