Monday, January 17, 2011

The day we landed in singapore

It was my first day in Singapore.We landed here on sunday,it was a 4 hour flight and I was sleeping through most of the journey.

Since we traveled in budget airlines there was no food served.It may sound weird but no matter how bad the food served on flights might be I love them. Maybe its the cute package or the tiny spoons and bowls.

Anyway we landed in the airport around 10 AM, I don't remember exactly. The moment we landed I was pretty impressed with Singapore. Their were taxis available outside, all in a proper lane unlike India.

We reached home at around 1 or 2. Since there was nothing to have at home we decided to have food outside.

The next day was monday so it was time to get basic things set up in house.So the very same day we decided that we need to buy some groceries as the next day naveen had to leave to office and I was still new to venture out on my own.

The one place every Indian visits first is Little India. I will post a details description about this place some other day.

Its mostly packed during weekends because of a shopping center named "Mustafa". Its a 24/7 shopping center, you can get everything here- right from groceries to electronics to gold,you name it they have it !!

We bought everything needed to survive for one week.We spent almost 4 hours in that place and by the time we knew it was 12:30 PM.

It was my first grocery shopping after marriage :)

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