Monday, January 17, 2011

Fish Spa

I had heard about it in India but was too lazy to go in search of it .So when the other day we saw it in one of the malls here we decided to try it but dint have the courage. The second time we went to the mall just to experience "fish pedicure" and there it was!!! . 2 huge rectangular tubs with black tiny fishes swimming around.We finally decided to give it a go . We rinsed our feet and sat on the edges and kept our feet inside the huge tub.

The moment I kept my feet a group of fishes were attracted to it.I almost died of shock. I dint expect them to attack my feet like that.
After a moment seeing naveen I got some courage and started enjoying the whole process.It lasted for 10 min.

It was a different experience,the one which I would love to try again.

Now I know why the fishes pounced on my feet,maybe they were not fed properly !!!

1 comment:

kimaya said...

Fish spa its just great experience, i have tried once & was feeling mu feet relax after that.

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