Monday, January 17, 2011

Naveen's birthday

Its not easy planning a surprise in an unknown city esp when you decide to have some decorations,cook a nice meal and of course arrange for a birthday cake.I dint know from where I was going to arrange all these things and it was going to be a surprise so I couldn't even ask naveen about it.

I decided to venture out on my own. Considering that this is not a uninhabited island it was not difficult to find these things.But then I had a habit of converting everything into rupees so I found things here quite expensive.

2 dollars for a gift wrapper that 70 rs in India they give it for free.Anyway even with all this calculations I managed to buy a decent gift,a cake and few decorative items.

I sat down and cut out his name from the magazine.I know its cheap but it was too much for me to pay 10 dollars that's around 350 Rs just to put up alphabet names.he..he. Over the course of time I have learned its common for Indians(I guess any person from developing country) to convert everything into Rs.As the time passes the people who stop doing this calculation with be able to live peacefully. I have stopped doing this currency conversion now.

I now don't mind paying 1.5 dollars for a daily newspaper.wait that around 40 rs for a daily paper !!

Coming back to my surprise planning I decided to buy apple juice in the disguise of a champagne bottle.

Now that all shopping was over it was time to put in some effort.

I stated cooking from morning 9 and finished by 5 pm and successfully set up a extensive menu.Not bad for someone who never cooked before marriage.

And the look on naveen's face when he saw this surprise was priceless.
I think he got bit tensed thinking that he has to reciprocate this gesture on my birthday.

I have set the standards quite high ;)


Unknown said...

this is cool buddy

Unknown said...

naveen ji is too lucky for dat

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